A downloadable game for Windows

Strange things have been rumored to happen at night in Grant Manor. No one has lived there for decades but witnesses have seen lights and heard screams.

You play Helena, a medium visiting the manor in hopes of dealing with the ghosts that dwell there. The manner in which you do so is up to you. This story has multiple paths and endings for you to explore.

(playtime: about 10-15 mins for first playthrough...5 mins on replays)


Developed in Saint John, NB, Canada, in the context of an RPG Maker Game Jam on the theme of "Pride".

This is Terror Friendly Games' first attempt at creating a video game. None of the members of the team had previous experience with game creation or RPG Maker. We had a blast!

All in game images, sprites, sounds and music are part of the RPG Maker RTP. Title screen image taken from www.freeandfungames.org.

Non RTP music by:

"Best Horror Music Ever" - Epitap redo

"The Anatomist's Room" - Dolomedes Threatening

"Underworld" - NatureWorld1986

"Prelude for keyboard in B minor" -Wilhelm Hieronymous Pachelbel

Install instructions

One file to download. It is a compressed version of the game. Simply decompress it anywhere you want on your hard drive then run the application file.


TheFallofGrantManor.exe 219 MB